The SYNrG team will digitally case plan and design your surgery from start to finish. We also have a unique, one-of-a-kind process that utilizes our Multifunction Appliance (MFA) process to dramatically reduce patient visits and chair time.

Full Arch Restoration in Buford

The MFA allows ONE clinical appointment to capture SIX critical steps

In the past, capturing verified models & articulating them with casts of the existing situation required multiple impressions and appointments. Although it has been the best practice, it is time-consuming clinically — both for the lab and inconvenient for the patient. With the SNYrG Multi-Function Appliance, we are much more efficient with appointment time. With a simple “flasking” procedure in the office, we can provide an appliance that will serve as the verification jig, impression matrix, and articulation piece. At the same time, we have a functional and aesthetic starting place for the final restoration. All of this is accomplished in two appointments and one lab procedure.

  1. Aesthetic Try In
  2. Verification Index
  3. Master Impression
  4. Face Bow
  5. Jaw Record Relation (JRR)
  6. Photographic/Video Records

Watch our EXOCAD Web Viewer Process

Brantley demonstrates the beginning-to-end process.

Check out our Surgical Guide Workflow with Analog Checkpoints

Brantley will take you through it!