We have countless cases where the doctor and patient have been exceedingly pleased with their final outcome. We want to be as close to perfect as possible on every single surgery. Thank you to everyone who has trusted us with the care of your patient; you make our job easy. Check out what our Doctors are saying!

“I have known and worked with Brian Lindke for over 30 years. The precision and craftsmanship of his restorations are of the highest quality. His devotion and hard work in delivering both a functional and highly esthetic result in a timely manner is unique in the industry. And now SYNrG, his new creation, is at the forefront of the team approach to advanced digital dental reconstructive implant procedures. I’m confident that Brian will always stay mindful to traditional prosthetic principles from where he came.”

— Hal Arnold, DMD, MS

“You have given me my life back.”

— Mary Leigh, patient

dental lab in atlanta

“I’ve spent the last decade chasing “my” lab. I’ve tried many options: local and across the country, huge and boutique, general and focused… and I had difficulty finding a lab that could consistently provide high-end results in a timely manner with technicians who understand my dental philosophy at an extremely high level and have the customer service to match… until SYNrG Dental came along.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with SYNrG since its inception, and we’ve now done dozens of full arches together. Without a doubt, I have found “my” lab.

I’ve gotten to know the team at SYNrG very well, and it’s so nice to be able to call specific people directly to discuss details of a case at any time. Their customer service and accessibility is world-class, and they go above and beyond to make tough deadlines happen, picky patients ecstatic, and challenging cases seamless.

“They stand by their work, and they’ll keep at it until all parties involved are happy with the results. I’m very proud of so many of my patients’ smiles, but every day my ‘Top 10’ list keeps getting modified to include whatever our most recent SYNrG case to be delivered was.”

— Andrew Currie, DMD, MS, DICOI

“I have been very fortunate over the last several years to work with Brian Lindke and SYNrG Lab. SYNrG has a very thorough understanding of the latest materials, technology, and Kois Center principles, and they have used that knowledge to provide outstanding results for my cases. I rely on SYNrG early in the planning phase of cases — they provide excellent insight on function and esthetics and are able to help me design and plan with facially generated smile designs and digital ‘wax-ups’. When we get to treatment, the quality and care they put into each patient is evident — fit, esthetics, function, etc. are excellent so that my cases go smoothly with minimal demands on chair time. SYNrG also provides excellent case scheduling and planning services and great customer service! My staff and I love interacting with the lab as we work through our cases, and we really appreciate all they do for us and our patients. I highly recommend working with SYNrG!”

— Ryan Van Haren, DDS

“I have been working closely with Brian and his team at SYNrG lab for the last three years. They are undoubtedly a group of the sharpest minds, most knowledgeable and extremely talented lab technicians out there. Brian and his team provide a very delicate mix between classical dentistry, with its finesse and artisan touch, along with modern dentistry, with its accuracy and promptness. Working with SYNrG will guarantee for you that you have a true partner that understands that dentistry is an art and science. Their knowledge, experience, and progressiveness allowed them to provide modern day dentistry with that unique experienced artist’s touch.”

— Ahmad Khater, DDS

“Brian and his SYNrG lab are the most innovative in the business. No one compares to the detail, dedication and brilliance that Brian puts into treatment planning and delivery of every case. For those reasons, I would not use anyone else for my implant lab needs.”

— Michael M. Demo, DDS

“I could go on and on about how tech-forward, highly artistic, and world class SYNrG is… or I could just say that I’ve referred my best friends to work with SYNrG and Vividx, and if any dentistry is going in my own mouth, it’s going to be from them.”

— Andrew Currie, DMD, MS, DICOI